Secure Wireless Home Networks


“My new wireless home network allows my family to connect to the Internet on any device at the same time. No more waiting to use the computer. Glenn H.”

How does a wireless network simplify my life?

With a wireless network, you're no longer tied to a cable!

Although hard wired networks still play an important role in business applications, home users are quickly moving away from the cables and going wireless. There are several reasons a wireless network makes sense. The most important is mobility. Imagine searching online for a wiring diagram to help install a new pool pump outside, but your computer is inside. Now with a laptop or smart phone, you can bring your diagram right to the project with a wireless home network. Secondly is cost savings. Smart phone data plans cost money. Using your own wireless network to connect to your smart phone to the internet saves data.

Wireless networks can connect many people to the Internet at once. Everyone in your home with a device can connect to the Internet simultaneously. The only limit is bandwidth, however most of today's ISP's like Brighthouse and Verizon offer plans that provide more than enough bandwidth for an entire family to use the Internet at once.

What do I need to get started?

A quick inspection of your home is all we'll need in order to provide you with a wireless network. Depending on the size of your home, we might need to install a signal booster so that all the areas of your home receive the same signal strength,

A wireless router will be the only equipment necessary, unless your current computers are not configured to connect wirelessly. Most often, any recently purchased laptop or computer will come with a wireless network card. Once the hardware has been installed we will configure your router and connect your computers to the new network. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding having a wireless network installed.