Website Optimization


“After years of watching my website fall short in the search engines, I'm now showing up on the second page and sometimes first page of Google! I'm Looking forward to the months ahead. Suzanne C.”

Why does website optimization matter?

People need to be able to find your website.

Everyday millions of people use search engines. They are all searching for one thing or another and expect the search engines to deliver relevant results. It's the search engine's job to scour the Internet and index the information found. This information will then be made available for those using the search engines. Although the concept is relatively simple, actually making it happen is far different.

Every website is graded by the respective search engines. This ranking is what dictates where your website lands on the search engine results page. The grade is derived using many different factors, all having to do with the quality, popularity, and content of your website.

How is my website being ranked?

Nobody knows exactly how these rankings apply however by watching trends and building search engine friendly websites, we're able to estimate with fair certainty what components of the website are being scrutinized. By making sure these website requirements are present we are able to drive a website up the search enging results page.

We would be more than happy to provide you with a free analysis of your website's optimizational status. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding optimizing your website.