Social Media


“I was sceptical at first about growing my business using social media. Why bother with Facebook and Twitter right? Wrong! Best decision I ever made. Lee R.”

What role does Social Media play in website design?

It's simply another avenue for you to reach potential customers.

People are using Facebook and Twitter now more than ever. Letting their friends know about a new restaurant, or a sale at the Mall are just a few of the uses. People connect with each other on these social sites everyday and spend hours upon hours posting. Word spreads fast throughout these communities. Hollywood stars are not the only ones using these sites to increase their popularity and market their products. People just like you are taking advantage of the power social media has to offer.

Companies are setting up Facebook accounts for their businesses. These business pages are not free as are the personal Facebook pages, however they are well worth the price if built correctly.

What do I need to get started?

Setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts are easy. Once you have them set up, all we need is the code produced for your Like Us button and some code to bring your Twitter Feed to your website. It's fairly simple and we can help with anything you're having difficulty with on the site.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding social media and how it can help your website do bettwr in the search engine rankings.