Informational Websites


“We received 3 emails last night regarding products on our website. Before our new website these customers would have gone somewhere else. Tom A.”

Why do they need information?

Sometimes we just have questions.

Potential customers shop at all hours of the day and night. Maybe they've just seen a commercial or perhaps they've been looking for a specific item online. In any circumstance they're looking for information. Those businesses with web presence are more likely to capture the customer looking for information than those without a website.

It's a fact that those businesses not providing their customers with an after hours source of information are missing out on potential customers and revenue. Considering the high price of fuel, more people are using the computer these days before jumping in their car.

What makes up an informational website?

The answer is suprisingly simple for most businesses. It's basically the same information you pass along to your customers while they're in your store. Hours of operation, phone numbers, business address, information about your products and more importantly, what makes your company special or unique.

Pictures of your products and solid descriptions help customers make decisions easily. A map with directions to your storefront also makes it easy for customers to find you once they've made the decision to purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding building your informational website.