How The Web Design Process Works


“I was intimidated by the process of having my website designed. Where to start...what do I all seemed overwhelming until I spoke with the staff at NoBS Technology. David L.”

First Things First...

Rest assured the staff at NoBS Technology has the necessary experience to take your concept or idea from inception to completion.

We've worked with customers who knew exactly what they wanted and some that had only a vision. In either instance feel secure in the knowledge that we will work with you to provide you with the best website development experience possible.

With that being said, the first step is to sit down in person or over the phone to discuss a starting point, hosting the website, the development costs, and how long it will take to complete your new website.

Initially, you'll let us know what type of business you're in, what the goals are for your site, your needs with regards to time and budget, and what type of layout you like and the colors we should use.

We will design your site in our development area until it's complete. You will have access to the development area throughout the build. Feel free to check in anytime to see the progress of your site's construction. Once the site is complete and you are happy with the design we will transfer the site under your domain name.

What will you need to provide?

The list below are many of the things we need from our clients in order to build a website. Some are mandatory, some are optional, and some might not even pertain to your particular design. This is just a starting point to help you line up a few things to help speed up the process.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Color Scheme
  • Images
  • Copy or Text
  • Data
  • Layout
  • Favorite Site

If you have any questions about how our process works, please contact us so we can answer your questions in more detail.