Computers & Hardware Overview


“My new wireless home network allows my family to connect to the Internet on any device at the same time. No more waiting to use the computer. Glenn H.”

We Build Custom Computers & Install Networks

Build your own custom computer!

Most people purchase their computers from the big box corporate stores. Although these computers work, they generally no longer meet the users requirements after only a few months. Hard drives fill up, applications require more RAM and games use up more processing power than expected. Having your computer custom built by NoBS Technology can eliminate many of these problems.

Our custom shop provides you with the flexibility to build your own cumputer. Install additional drives, double the RAM, add a TV Tuner card, install high end's all up to you as to what goes into your custom computer.

Why Do I Need A Wireless Network?

There's nothing worse than being tied to a chair by an Ethernet cable which connects your computer to the Internet. These cords become damaged over time and compromise your connection. Wireless networks allow you the freedom to move around the house with your laptop or tablet. No longer are you tied to the desk.

Wireless networks provide for unlimited users on your network. Large families with many devices can now share the Internet connection. Homes with multiple smart phones can now use the home wireless network and save data usage from your plan. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding buillding your own custom computer or having a wireless network installed.