Data-Driven Websites


“Adding a new property to my Real Estate website used to require a call to my web designer, now I can add the property, upload the images, and get my clients property seen in a flash. Saundra R.”

Why drive my site with data?

Data-driven websites are easy to manage and update.

Websites that are data-driven display stored data. This information is stored within a database and is managed through an admin panel. The benefits of a data-driven website are limitless. Changes to the data are displayed real time on the website. There are no more delays in updating a price or description. Eliminate costly calls to web developers to update pages and do it yourself with a data-driven website.

The main difference between the static website and a data-driven site is the database. If your company is not storing its data now, one will need to be created. If company data is already being stored, then all we need to do is connect to your data and bring it to the page.

Who can benefit from a data-driven site?

Traditionally the companies whom benefitted most from data-driven websites were the large shopping cart type sites. Making changes on the website was too much to manage and took too long to complete. Today, any company wanting to take control of their website can utilize a database driven website.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding a data base driven website.