Computer Repair


“My new wireless home network allows my family to connect to the Internet on any device at the same time. No more waiting to use the computer. Glenn H.”

My Computer Just Died! What Do I Do Now?

We Repair Computers And Offer Computer Services

Having a computer die is a tragic event. Even when your data is properly backed up, it can be a nightmare finding drivers, software and patches for a reinstalled operating system.

We offer a full service computer repair shop for those of you who would rather let a professional repair their computer.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Chances are when your computer died you lost access to all your data. This is a normal event for those who do not back up their data to a different drive. Most operating systems provide you with a way to back up your data but they store it on the same hard drive as the rest of your data. This does not help in the event of a crashed drive.

We offer a data retrieval service for restoring the original data to your computer. We also offer data copying services to copy the retrieved data to your new computer. In the event you want to upgrade your current computer we also offer a data transfer package. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding repairing or upgrading your current computer or our data services.