Small Business Networks


“Our company has only just started to notice the benefits to having a network installed. Productivity has increased, sharing files is a breeze and I no longer need my zip drive to carry files around the office. Lenny O.”

Could your small business benefit from an office network?

Most often any business can increase productivity with a network!

Sharing files, sending data, printing are all functions which can be simplified with a network. Sharing a file across a network is much easier than copying it to a thumb drive and walking it next door. Sending a video to your graphic designer over a network is easier than burning it to a disc and walking it upstairs. Printing a document over a network is much easier than emailing it to the only person in the office with a printer hooked up to their computer.

If any of these situations make sense or they are actually in practice today, your company or small business could benefit from a network.

How much does installing a network cost?

In order to provide you with a written estimate, we will first need to visit your building. We're looking for a couple of things that will determine how long it will take and what type of materials we'll need to use. Once we've looked over the building we'll then need to calculate how many segments you'll need, the number of users on the network, and of course the computers that will be joining the network.

Most of today's computers come stock with network interface cards (NIC), however if the computers in your office have been around for a while, or they have never been connected to the Internet they might need to have a NIC cards installed. Once we have a better understanding of the needs and current condition of your computers we'll be happy to provide you with a written estimate for your network. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding having a network installed in your building.