Administration Panels


“I just went on vacation and was able to use my admin panel to check on sales, revenue, and the warehouse by simply using the hotel lobby computer. It's never been easier to look over the days transactions at a glance. John J.”

What is an administrator panel?

Admin panels provide a long distance solution to managing your business.

Suppose you are a business owner with an online website. You're doing your homework late at night and realize you need to change a price for one of your online products. This used to require a phone call to your web designer or a trip to the office. With an admin panel, you simply log into your system and navigate to the product section. Update the price and click save. The new price now reflects on your website and you never had to leave your easy chair.

Admin or control panels are rapidly becoming the newest tool for business owners on the go. They are no longer tied to the office and can manage their business while travelling abroad or meeting future clients.

How is an admin panel different from an informational website?

Informational websites are generally just that, a display of information. They generally don't need an admin panel as the information is static and rarely changes. That's not to say that an informational website cannot have an admin panel. Control panels are generally associated with shopping cart websites and are used to check on sales for the day, update prices, and change product information.

However, if your business stores data we can design a control panel with which to access the data from anywhere with an Internet connection using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding a custom administration panel.